Lip and Cheek Tint, A Must For Your Makeup Routine

When versatility is the mantra of today’s fast-paced life, why should makeup be left behind? Lately, a lot of people have been looking for a lighter and fuss-free lifestyle. Made quintessentially to fulfil this need, the lip and cheek tint is a delightful product that, as the name suggests can be used on both your lips and face, is ideal for women who are looking for a minimalist alternative for the plethora of lip and cheek products that dedicatedly serve a single purpose.

Lipstick or Lip Tints, Which one to choose?

Made to be used as a multitasking product, the lip tint can be used to highlight your cheeks as well, sadly the creamy and dense texture of lipstick is meant for lips alone. Made from various oils and emollients, the lipstick has a creamy heavy base that can need to be reapplied often. Lip tints on the contrary have a light gel consistency that lasts longer thus requiring lesser touch-ups.  Unless specifically mentioned so, the lipstick transfers and smudges easily, a lasting formulation ensures that lip tints don’t smudge or transfer easily so when it comes to choosing a lip colour that lasts through the day, lip tints are the best bet. For a cohesive look, you can use the same tint for your cheeks and sometimes eyes as well.

Ways of Using Lip & Cheek Tinthow to use lip & cheek tint

Lip & Cheek Tint give a much more natural colour, making it an ideal choice for your lips. Not just your lips, for a monochromatic look, it can be used as a blush as well as it blends easily and gives a rosy glow to your cheeks. Contouring is another popular way to use lip tints. Simply take some product on a makeup sponge and gently swipe on your cheeks as per the contour required.  Eyeshadow is another way of using your lip tint, dot your eyelids with a matching lip tint and gently spread outwards to create a creamy look for your eyes.

Why is Earth Rhythm Lip and Cheek tint a must in your routine?lip & cheek tint buy now

A swipe on your lips, a gentle dab on your cheeks and you’re done. That's how simple it is, Earth Rhythm’s Lip and Cheek Tint is a blessing for women on the go. When compared to buying a multitude of products, a lip and cheek tint is lipstick, blush, contour, and an eyeshadow all in one. Just one product is enough. This makes it a useful addition to your makeup routine. Sustainability is not a fad but a need of the hour, made of natural ingredients, our formulations are backed by scientific research to be safe and effective. The lip and cheek tints are also fragrance and cruelty free that makes it good for you and the planet. A beautiful fit in your busy lives, this versatile product can be used for your lips, eyes and cheeks to give you a no makeup, glowing everyday look.

Whether you choose to keep it subtle or build it up to go glam, a lip and cheek tint is truly a blessing for women on the go.